• Ingredients: 1 breast and 2 chicken legs 200 grams of pork 1 onion 2 pieces chorizo de Bilbao 1 can of green peas 2 pieces of red bell pepper 1.5 cups of rice 0.5 cup of glutinous rice (malagkit) 1 egg 4 cloves of garlic 2 medium-size tomatoes 1.5 spoons of pimiento Fish sauce, salt, ground pepper Procedure: Cut the chicken and the pork to regular size, about 1.5 inches in length. Slice the chorizo sideways. Slice the onion, garlic and tomatoes. The bell pepper should be cut lengthwise. Saute the garlic, tomatoes, and onion, chicken, and pork. Add fish sauce (patis). Cover for a few minutes. Add a cup of water. Allow to boil until the meat become a little tender. Mix in the chorizo, red bell pepper, and pimiento dissolved in water. Let boil. Add both the rice and the washed glutinous rice. Stir. Add enough water to cook the rice. Add salt and ground pepper according to taste. Cover the pot. Open and stir now and then so the rice won't stick to the bottom of the pot. When cooked add the green peas. Cover, then lower the heat. Decorate with sliced eggs prior to serving.

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