• Ingredients: 1-1/2 kilos labahita, filleted and cut into chunks 1/3 cup cornstarch 6 cloves garlic, crushed 1 large onion, sliced 1/2 kilo potatoes, cut into chunks 1 can (385 grams) spaghetti sauce, Italian style 1 medium each red and green bell peppers, cut into strips 1/2 cup frozen/cooked green peas Sprinkle fish with tsp. iodized salt (or 1 tbsp. rock salt). Fry in oil until golden brown. Set aside. Saute garlic, onion and potatoes. Add Spaghetti Sauce and 1-1/2 cups water. Season with salt, soy sauce and pepper according to taste. Simmer for 15 minutes or until potatoes are tender. Add bell peppers, green peas and fish. Cook for another 5 minutes.

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