• Sinigang na baboy (or chicken, beef or fish) 300g Pork, osso buco 100g Onions 100g Tomatoes 1 x seasoning (salt+pepper) - To Taste 1 x Seasoning II (bay leaf/cloves/pepper) - To Taste 2 1/2 ltr water 30 g Tamarind 150 g Potatoes, sweet 100 g White radish 50 g Spinach 1/5 dl fish sauce (chinese) 50 g Lemon Procedures: Place pork shanks in stockpot and cover with cold water Bring to boil, skim off scum and reduce heat Add seasoning, tomatoes and onions Simmer until meat is tender Remove meat, debone and cut into 1cm cubes Strain stock through fine chinois Add tamarind pulp, cubed sweet potatoes and radish Simmer until soft Adjust seasoning with fish sauce Add chiffonade of spinach Bring once more to the boil and serve Serve lemon wedges separately. Serves 10 people.
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